Anderson Sexual Violence Prevention Lab

Core mission: to provide solutions for ending sexual violence in an egalitarian and collaborative research environment.


At the Anderson Sexual Violence Prevention Lab, our research focuses on examining the mechanisms of sexual victimization and sexual perpetration in an effort to inform better risk reduction and prevention programs, including the examination of various measurements for sexual violence constructs.

*Dr. Anderson will not be accepting applicants for the upcoming year*

  • Focus on under-researched areas within sexual violence
  • Solution-focused
  • Focus on intersections with other areas/disciplines; violence and psychology as hub sciences

Dr. Anderson

Dr. Raeann E. Anderson Ph.D.

A lifelong learner, Harry Potter enthusiast, and inveterate Jayhawk.

Dr. Anderson PhD, founder of the Anderson Sexual Violence Prevention Lab and primary investigator, is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of North Dakota and is our principal investigator at the college.

Her research aims at achieving a better understanding of both the mechanisms of sexual victimization and sexual perpetration to inform prevention programs, analyze the measurement of sexual violence constructs, and increase risk reduction. It is grounded in a Social-Justice Paradigm that assumes violence affects marginalized populations the most. Her expertise lies in understanding the effects of sexual violence against sexual minority individuals and Indigenous populations. 

Dr. Anderson received her BA in psychology from the University of Kansas (2009) and PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (2015). She completed her clinical internship (2015) with the Ann Arbor Veteran’s Affairs (VA) with the University of Michigan, continuing her career post doctorate position at Kent State University’s Psychology Department (until 2018).


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