Future Research

Past Projects to Follow-up On

Repeated victimization, psychiatric symptoms, and risk of child abuse:

  • Examined role of current psychiatric symptoms on risk for perpetrating child abuse in sample of mothers living in a domestic violence shelter
  • Found that PTSD symptoms were main driver of risk (rather than trauma history, recency of domestic violence, or other symptoms)
    • Indicates need for comprehensive services to improve health of whole family

Sexual minority men’s risk for sexual victimization:

  • At much higher risk than heterosexual peers
    • Unclear what source of risk is (mechanism) and what interventions may be appropriate
    • Possible that current interventions (self defense) are not appealing

Future Grants/Building on Existing Projects

Epidemiological Study

  • To ascertain the prevalence of sexual violence perpetration in college aged men

Longitudinal Studies

Intervention Study

  • Develop full intervention and initial open trial of interpersonal skills intervention

Preferences Study

  • Intervention preferences for sexual minority men regarding sexual violence risk reduction

Potential Collaborations with Indigenous Health

  • T32 postdoctoral training program to train future faculty from Indigenous backgrounds
    • Build on strengths of psychology/INPSYDE (Indians into Psychology) program, Indigenous Health, INMED (Indians into Medicine)
    • Possible funders: NIAAA, NIGMS, NICHD, NIDA
  • Culturally tailored expressive writing or narrative exposure therapy intervention for Indigenous trauma survivors
    • Possible funders: NIAAA, NIMHD, NICHD
  • Exploratory study to understand the burden of sexual violence at tribal colleges and comparison to Indigenous folks at majority white institutions
    • Build on strengths of psychology/INPSYDE program, Indigenous Health, INMED
    • Possible funders: NIAAA, NIMHD