Recently Completed Projects

Sexual Perpetration

  • Systematic review on the prevalence of sexual violence perpetration in college men
    • Pooling 77 studies and nearly 25,000 participants
    • 30% of college men report some type of perpetration
    • 6% report perpetrating rape
    • Many measurement issues and confounds
      • Rates are higher for certain measures
  • Points to need for measurement research and large-scale national projects to ascertain better estimate of prevalence

Sexual Minority Health

  • Risk for sexual violence among sexual and gender minorities
    • Bisexual specific stigma associated with increased risk for violence for bisexual people
    • Bisexual, nonbinary people were far more likely to acknowledge their rapes than heterosexual, cisgender people
      • But experienced very high PTSD symptom burden
  • Indicates stigma as cross-cutting risk factor
  • Indicates high unmet treatment needs

Self Defense Mechanisms

  • Used audio vignette to present a standardized stimulus representing a stereotypical date rape scenario
  • Elicited participants self defense behaviors in response to stimulus
  • Recruited 135 college women; 100 with histories of repeated sexual victimization
  • Women with history of sexual victimization more likely to use non-assertive behaviors
  • Interpersonal skills and coping predictive of using assertive self defense behaviors
    • Points to interpersonal skills as potential interventions target