Research Study: Miscommunications During Sex & Mental Health

Study for women aged 16-30 who have had a sexual experience they may label as unwanted, non-consensual, or a miscommunication in the last seven years and who are willing to complete an interview regarding that experience and their current health status.

7-Question Survey to determine your eligibility:

Includes a baseline visit with diagnostic assessment; six-month follow-up after that. The recruitment goal is 200.

Graduate Research Assistants

Calendar 1

Annie’s Study Times – Mondays 12:00pm

Hannah’s Study Times – Mondays 9:00am

Leslie’s Study Times – Wednesdays 11:30am

Desi’s Study Times – Tuesdays 3:00pm

Jenna’s Study Times – Mondays 4:00pm

Maddi’s Study Times – Tuesdays 9:00am & Thursdays 9:00am

Calendar 2

Danielle’s Study Times – Tuesdays 8:30am

The times listed are the most accurate representation of interviewers’ study times. However, there may be instances in which interviewers are unavailable and their study times will be covered by another graduate research assistant. So, although we will try to update these times if they change, we cannot absolutely guarantee they will be correct for each study time slot. Thank you for your understanding.